Augusta Animal Services is Adopting out Dogs Again

Photo of the front of the Augusta Animal Services building in Augusta, Georgia.
Photo of the front of the Augusta Animal Services building in Augusta, Georgia.

Dog adoptions are down while Augusta Animal Services battles a distemper outbreak in the shelter.

Saturday, the shelter held their first big pet adoption event in weeks.

Augusta Animal Services is continually testing dogs for distemper, those that are cleared of the illness are being adopted out and welcomed into new homes.

So far 16 out of 49 dogs have been cleared and on Tuesday 50 more dogs will be tested.

The nightmare is far from over but it’s improving every day.

Saturday local rescue, Dog networking agents, brought 19 dogs who tested negative for distemper to Petsmart to be adopted and Gizmoe was one of the lucky ones.

“He’s the perfect size and he’s a stray and we wanted to find a dog that had been in the shelter and all of that as opposed to going somewhere else and we just found the right dog for him,” Jamie Lemay said.

Jamie Lemay and his son have been coming to Petsmart every Saturday for months in search of the perfect dog and finally they found him.

“We just simply wanted a good dog and what better place to find one,” he said.

Ashley Whitaker with DNA says it feels great to have the dogs back out again, but it’s no doubt this outbreak has set the shelter back quite a bit.

“I think as we move forward and this scary incident is put behind us I think that we’ll be able to get more animal s out smaller and some of the puppies,” she said.

Whitaker says they were only able to bring the older dogs to the adoption but they hope to have puppies back next week.

“I think the shelter has done a really good job doing their due diligence in making sure these dogs are healthy and ready for adoption,” Whitaker explained.

If you can’t adopt there are still plenty of ways you can help. Augusta Animal Services still needs cleaning supplies, like wire brushes, gloves and bleach are being accepted at petsmart or the shelter’s location.

Next Saturday Dog Networking Agents will be working with GRU students for their Service Day.

They hope to have a much larger selection of dogs up for adoption at that event.

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