Giving Your Best: Vince Ingrasciotta July 2011

Vince Ingrasciotta is the Giving Your Best winner July 2011.

As we celebrate our our country’s independence, we’re also taking time to recognize someone with a sense of patriotic duty.  Vince Ingrasciotta is the July 2011 winner of the Giving Your Best award.

After 40 years in the airline industry, Vince retired in Aiken…  but he’s busier now than ever because he has time to do for others. He helps out at the Croft House, the V.A. Hospital…  and he’s an officer with Knights of Columbus.

It’s no wonder Vince and his wife spend more time “giving back”…  than watching the news!!

Vince Ingrasciotta is the Giving Your Best winner July 2011.
Vince Ingrasciotta is the Giving Your Best winner July 2011.

“I said, ‘Mary I don’t have a clue, we don’t watch-
“NO! You watch WJBF all the time!”
“At night we do, at 11 o’clock, but not at 5:00…”

Meet Lorie Ingrasciotta, the -newest- fathful viewer of News Channel 6 AT 5:00!”
“But from now on you’re gonna watch us all the time!”
“Absolutely! I wouldn’t miss a minute of it!”

Her husband, Vince, is the man of the hour at this gathering of family and friends.
Marianne/”My dad is selfless, he thinks of other people before he thinks of himself, and I commend him for that, he’s wonderful!”

Vince is retired but his volunteer opportunities keep him running… from activities at his church to responsibilities in the Knights of Columbus.

He calls bingo and helps with the “Operation Hope” tootsie roll campaign in Aiken.

“The money we collect from that, let’s say it’s usually $13,000… and that goes to Tri-Development and they disperse that money out through the Special Olympics.”

Vince is passionate about organizing blood drives. He learned the importance of giving blood after his granddaughter was born prematurely.

“She had several surgeries and we could not get Type A blood, which she had, so that motivated me to get involved with the blood drives.”

You’ll find Vince at the V.A. in Augusta several times a month. He says it’s a way to show his patriotism.

“And that’s my way of saying thank-you to the vets for serving and doing what they do for us.”

Lorie/”It doesn’t cost anything to volunteer, it just takes time and you have to have a big heart to do it.” Vince/”And we’ve been doing it for years, off and on, it’s not something you do once – it’s a continuous thing, which is good.”

Good deeds, from a good man.

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