Columbia County And Aiken County Superintendents Share Hopes For The New School Year

The Means Report: Back To School Graphic with Dr. Sandra Carraway and Dr. Sean Alford

Augusta, GA – Within days of CSRA students returning to the classroom, two school leaders took time out of their busy schedules to join Brad Means on the set of “The Means Report”. Dr. Sandra Carraway and Dr. Sean Alford had plenty to say about how their counties are handling the year-to-year changes.

Columbia County is facing major changes with growth. Despite opening the new Martinez Elementary School, many seats in the classrooms are full. Dr. Carraway explains, however, that the county has worked hard to keep class sizes down to so that students are able to receive the most from their time in the classroom. She also takes the time to explain how the county is keeping up with ever changing technology introducing the bring your own technology initiative – an initiative that was made possible by local option sales tax dollars.

Dr. Sean Alford, the new Aiken County Superintendent, was only on the job a few days when he sat down with Brad, but he has a vision for the future of education in Aiken County – an area that he considers a jewel. His main focus is to take a long hard look at what the county’s schools have done and what they can continue to do to get better. Dr. Alford also believes that it is important to help teachers by establishing a clear vision instead of expectations, admitting that the magic happens in the classroom and recognizing how vital the teachers are.

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