Golden Apple: Steve Pruitt

Golden Apple Winner Steve Pruitt

It’s easy to start the school day when the lessons sound so nice.

Teacher Steve Pruitt tells us, “These are young students and a lot of the music this year, for 7th graders is all brand new to them. As we begin to prepare for the game, we’re still trying to teach them basic musical concepts. We need to be able to play the important songs like the school song, the National Anthem, and a couple of cheers.”

Mr. Pruitt joined his school band because his best friend did. His love of music took off from there.

“I had a very good junior high music teacher Ms. Debbie Bradley,” Pruitt says. “I still keep in touch with her and we still work together occasionally.”

And it doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran musician or a beginner in this classroom.

“When I started band, I had no musical background, and didn’t know anything about how to read music or how to perform on an instrument. The first thing to do is getting them to enjoy playing an instrument, then we worry a little bit about the symbols and other things later.”

These students are developing skills that will stay with them in all of their classes.

“I think the discipline you get from learning how to play a musical instrument is something that carries over to very much other academic areas as well as the type of learning we do here. It’s very much kinesthetic learning, so they’re learning by doing.”

Steve Pruitt. Always teaching. And always looking to learn ways to make the music sound even better.

“It’s always a process. I’ve performed for close to 34 years now and I know every performance, I find things I really love about music and things I really need to work on and perform better next time. I hope that’s what the students are getting out of this too.”

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