Two Programs Aimed at Ridding City’s Scrap Tire Problem

Photo of scrap tires behind a fence in Augusta, Georgia.
Photo of scrap tires behind a fence in Augusta, Georgia.

Augusta, GA – Augusta leaders talked about ways clean up trash tires.  The two programs are designed to eliminate tires from neighborhoods, but one program could mean extra money for organizations in need.

Richmond County’s District 1 Commissioner, Bill Fennoy, sees the problem first hand.

Photo of scrap tires behind a fence in Augusta, Georgia.
Photo of scrap tires behind a fence in Augusta, Georgia.

“In my neighborhood we got tires everywhere,” he explained.

They may be useful to a car or truck, but once taken off of a vehicle used tires can wreak havoc on a city if people have no where to take them.

“There’s a lot of homes with tires sitting on the curb waiting to be picked up and we no longer pick them up at the curb,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams, of District 2.

District 5 Commissioner Bill Lockett added, “Those tires sit out in the weather and they are a bed for mosquitoes and so forth.”

Commissioners discussed ways to improve these problems during Environmental Services committee. The committee approved up to four scrap tire amnesty days a year where people can take tires for free to the landfill.

Environmental Services Director Mark Johnson told us, “We had two last year. They were very successful. They put thousands of tires off the street and it’s a way of cleaning up the community.”

The committee also approved a tire recycling program that would help get organizations some cash. Mark Johnson tells us civic groups, such as a high school band and non-profits with a 501 (c) (3) government status can complete paperwork and have scheduled clean up days that turn scrap tires into a check. Johnson tells us all that rubber gets put to good use.

“We recycle them. We send them to South Carolina there they are turned into crumb rubber and then reused,” he said.

Tire companies cannot utilize the city’s amnesty days. Commissioners said that’s because they already charge customers a fee to recycle tires.


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