Want To Buy A Riverfront Home for $199? It’s Not a Joke…

Home Being Sold For $199

VEVAY, IN — Want a house? For $199? It can be yours. Rhonda Pennington has a home in Vevay, Indiana, southwest of Cincinnati.

When Pennington couldn’t attract attention by selling the home the traditional way, she decided to get creative. So she’s offering up the home through an essay contest. Entrants can pay the $199 entry fee and must write in 200 words or less an essay on why they deserve to win the home.  Pennington says it’s her hope “one lucky person will win this house and make a difference in their life.”

The contest will need at least 2,000 entries. The money for the entry fees will be put into an escrow account. That way the money contestants have paid will be guaranteed. As for how the winning essay will be picked, Pennington has that all worked out too. She contacted her alma mater Hanover College and they agreed to supply an anonymous panel of judges who’ll determine the winner.

The deadline to enter is September 28. You can learn more about the contest and see a picture gallery of the home by clicking here.

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