South Carolina Ranks Worst in the Nation for Deadly Violence Against Women… Again

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence

South Carolina ranks worst in the nation for deadly violence against women… again.

The Violence Policy Center released a report this week saying South Carolina has the highest number of women murdered by men.

News Channel 6’s Margaret-Ann Carter is digging deeper to find out why that is and what local South Carolina communities are doing to stop this.

This isn’t the first time South Carolina has been at the top of this poll so why can’t we seem to lower the rate of deadly violence.

“I hate to say I wasn’t really shocked because we were number 2 last year, very disappointed, very heartbroken but not really shocked,” Susan Selden said.

Susan Selden is the Director of the Cumbee Center in Aiken which assists abused persons.

For 18 years, South Carolina has ranked in the top 10 worst states for deadly violence against women.

Selden says this concerns her because she knows there are several other victims out there that aren’t reporting their abuse.

“Being in the Bible belt too we’re taught that you don’t leave marriage, it’s forever you stay with your partner for better or for worse, we just don’t expect it to get worse,” she explained.

Selden describes this ongoing trend as a cultural issue and a way of thinking that travels through generations and generations.

“Kids growing up in the environment of abuse and they learn that from their families,” she said.

She says domestic violence won’t get better until prevention and education is taught at a young age.

“We need more funding for the shelter s and the organizations we do have and people are just not aware there are so many people that are apathetic about it and we just need more prevention,” Selden continued.

I did some digging of my own and found that in the last week 18 reports of domestic disputes or assaults were filed with the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office. Everything from vandalism to mental and physical abuse was written in those reports.

“I think it’s because we are afraid to take a look at what things are going on we are not doing the awareness we need to as communities. We have rural communities where we don’t even have organizations like this and we need more services,” She explained.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. The Cumbee Center has scheduled some events for the month, Count on News Channel 6 to keep you updated on these events.

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