CSRA Teen Posts Video Criticizing The White House That’s Going Viral

Photo still from C.J. Pearson's YouTube page.
Photo still from C.J. Pearson's YouTube page.

AUGUSTA, Ga. — A CSRA teen’s YouTube video criticizing the the White House for its invitation to a Texas teen who’s been in the spotlight for an invention that he got into hot water for at school.

C.J. Pearson, 13, posted the video, titled “Dear Mr. President and Ahmed” on Wednesday and as of this posting, it has been viewed nearly 350,000 times.

The Muslim teen, Ahmed Mohamed, was suspended this week from school after a teacher thought the clock he created was a bomb. His dad now says he will not be returning to public school.

Now, Mohamed’s story has become a talking point in the media, sometimes pitting Democrats against Republicans, due to perceived racial profiling.

Some influential people across the country, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and President Obama, have showed support for Mohamed. President Obama even the 14-year-old to the White House, which has drawn the ire of Pearson.

In his postings, it is evident that Pearson is not an Obama fan.

Pearson says he sees a double standard in the latest video, in which he can be seen saying, “When cops are gunned down, you don’t invite them to the White House. You never did. But when a Muslim builds a clock, come on by. What is this world you’re living in?”. He also feels Mohamed’s invitation fits the President’s agenda.

A USAToday.com article says Pearson labeled himself a conservative at 8-years-old.

C.J. goes on to say the invitation to Ahmed fits the president’s agenda.

On his website, Pearson claims his Facebook page has 29,000 followers. However, the page shows that more than 52,000 like the page. He also claims his YouTube videos have been viewed more than 2 million times. Also, according to the Washington Post, Pearson is the national chairman of Teens for Ted, a national group backing Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz for president.

Ahmed said he will accept President Obama’s invitation, which was posted on Twitter. The president called his homemade clock “cool” and asked the teen to bring it to the White House. Ahmed will not face criminal charges, according to Irving, Texas police.


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