Lakeside Senior Makes Remarkable Return to Field

It’s amazing just seeing Lakeside lineman Brandon Collins walking again.

“As soon as it happened, I was like OK, I’ve never felt this way before,” Collins said. “Somebody’s gotta come get me.”

In a football game against Northside Warner Robins last October, Collins was blindsided while trying to make a tackle following an interception. It changed his life in an instant.

“I just remember I couldn’t feel my legs,” Collins said. “I was like, ‘please lord god tell me I’m not paralyzed.’ It was so scary.”

“You could tell by his reaction and other peoples’ reactions that he was in a lot of pain,” Lakeside head coach Steve Hibbitts said.

Collins would have to wait several days for a diagnosis. “We prayed so much,” he said. “I can’t tell you how many times I saw my mom just crying, praying, hoping.”

Finally, doctors told him he hadn’t suffered any neurological damage, just a broken tailbone.

“That’s when I was like, OK, maybe I’ll be able to walk again,” Collins said. “Hopefully I can, cause like I said, when it first happened, I was like, am I done?

But the recovery process wouldn’t be easy for Collins.  “I was actually in a wheelchair for about three weeks, and then I went from that to crutches for about a month and then heavy rehab right after that.”

Amazingly, not even a year later, Collins made his return to the field. Against Northside Warner Robins.

“In a way it was surreal,” he smiled. “I’m finally back. I’m finally back on the field with my teammates, with my family. The entire process was crazy. We take life for granted so much.”

Not Brandon Collins, though. He’s just glad to be on his feet again.


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