“Out There…Somewhere”: We Saved the “A”, Now ‘Save the “G”?

Photo of a GRU ball cap.
Photo of a GRU ball cap.

Augusta, GA – When it comes to the name “Georgia Regents University” (GRU), that door is closing.

“It’s kind of disconcerting that they changed the name as soon as I enrolled,” said freshman Taylor McMillion.

Yes, the University System of Georgia Board of Regents got together this week and changed the school’s name to “Augusta University”.

Some might think P.U.

“I know you might be crying about this. It’s been GRU your whole life,” I said to a baby.

Remember what happened last time?

“There was the whole ‘Save the “A”‘ thing,” said McMillion.

Could it be déjà vu, all over again? Instead of people trying to save the “A”, will it be save the “G”

Photo of a GRU ball cap.
Photo of a GRU ball cap.

The Jag Store is stocked full of G-R-U stuff. That’s where we found Dominique Walker, who was shopping for G-R-U merchandise. She’s striving to ‘Save the “G”‘.

“Are you going to buy a GRU shirt here to show your allegiance?” I asked Walker. “Yes, I think so,” she answered. “What color?” we asked. “I like pink,” she said. “Oh yeah, good,” I said.

There was plenty of merchandise available for those wanting to “Save the G”, but the store doesn’t think it will be around much longer, with the name change.

“I think they’re going to buy it just because they find it funny [that] it wasn’t really around for long,” said James Griffin who was working the Jag Store,

“GRU, we hardly knew ye.

“I don’t think there will be as much as an outcry for that, as they was for ‘Save the “A”‘,” said senior Daniel Clairmonte.

Awe, G. A campaign to keep you around? Better save it.

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