64-year-old Augusta man shoots a 58


Most golfers focus on beating their personal best score every time they hit the links. An Augusta man did just that this week, posting a ridiculous score.

On Monday, 64-year-old Augustan Roger Tant shot a 58 at Green Meadows golf course. He was playing with his senior group that plays several times a week, and once he shot a 30 on the front nine, he knew it could be a special round. His previous record was 60, so he was originally aiming for a round of 59.

“I got 60 four times last year but I’d never shot in the 50’s,” Tant said. “Come so close so many times but the amazing part about that round was out of the 18 holes, I had 17 one-putt greens. The only green I two-putted was six. I missed an eight-footer for birdie on number six.”

Tant is also a member of Team Titleist, so he has the perk of getting to test out the company’s newest golf balls. Titleist is checking to see if Tant’s score is a record for his age group.



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