Golden Apple: Adrienna Isaac


Augusta, GA

Adrienna Isaac is an Augmented Teacher at Barton Chapel Elementary School.
“Augmented means that I’m going to pull the children out to give them extra help with reading and math,” Isaac says. “So I’m just augmenting what the teachers are doing.”
Her inspiration to take this job started when she was a student.

“I became a teacher because I wanted to make sure that I could make a difference in the lives of children, just like some teachers, good and bad, made a difference in my life.”
Mrs. Isaac will tell you that her success starts at home.  Her family is her foundation.
“They’ve been very supportive of everything that I’ve done in education,” she says. ” So in turn, we support each other. And we love each other. We’re a strong family of faith and we continue to put our trust in our Creator. And that makes a difference.”
A difference that can be seen with each child she teaches.  Everyone benefiting from her pay it forward approach.
“My children have had teachers also, and if I don’t do for the children that I meet, there’s a concern that my children may not be getting what they need. And now it’s my grandchildren, so I want to make sure that I’m perpetuating love within the school.”
Congratulations Adrienna Isaac. Staying faithful and helping her students do their very best.
“I get the satisfaction of knowing that I’m fulfilling what I’ve been called to do.  And in fulfilling what I’ve been called to do, I know that I’m satisfying my Creator, and we all reap the benefits of it.”

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