Aiken County Sheriff Monitors Flooding and Storm Damage in the County

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C.- Aiken County has been battling flooding and storm damage.

Several roads have been washed out and bridges collapsed.

The Aiken County Sheriff’s office and Fire Department is monitoring flooding and storm damage throughout the county.

One area they focused on is Old Shoals Road where a nearby pond is overflowing in to the road and has already washed out a bridge.

Families in nearby homes have been evacuated to a local church or asked to stay with family.

Sheriff Mike Hunt says the sheriff’s office and emergency management team will continue to keep a close eye on the flooding and damage.

“What we’re hoping is that this pond will hold we don’t know and so the fire chief is already evacuated two or three families just that would be in the line of it if it breaks,” Sheriff Mike Hunt said.

As the waterways continue to overflow in other areas, water is relentlessly rushing over roads and bridges causing destructio  n all over the county.

Aiken County locals say they haven’t seen flooding like this in years.

Sheriff Mike Hunt and the fire department are monitoring areas that could potentially cause extreme damage.

“If you live below a water source you need to be mindful of what it’s doing and be ready to leave if you have to,” he continued.
The Sheriff says his main concern now is that the runoff rain from the upstate will cause more flooding for Aiken County.

“The thing now is we’re going to catch any extra rain is going combine with the run off that we’re getting from up above us and we’re just going to have to monitor is and see what happens,” he said.

The Sheriff says they will continue to keep people informed of the damage in Aiken County and if you see caution signs or road closures it’s important to obey those.

The Sheriff’s Office plans to keep people informed with their social media sites. The following link is to their Facebook page where they have actively posted road closures.!/Aiken-County-Sheriffs-Office-257722170906337/timeline/

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