Local Father And Son Helping With Rescues

Joey Patsourakos and his son, Dalton

COLUMBIA, S.C.- As emergency crews work to rescue those trapped, an Aiken County man went up to Columbia with his fishing boat to help.

Joey Patsourakos and his son, Dalton, were originally going to help a friend of a friend who is 8 months pregnant and was trapped on the second floor of her home.

By the time they got there, she had been rescued but that wasn’t the case for so many others.

Patsourakos says, “We were coming down the road and got waved down by an ambulance, and had a lady who was a paraplegic, stuck in a house, about 400 pounds, and she was on the second floor and we had to get her out. And we just kind of went from there, we’ve just been trying to pull people out of houses.”

Joey says he and his son don’t plan on leaving Columbia until they’re sure everyone’s been rescued.

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