Tree Falls Into Bed and Breakfast

Johnston, South Carolina – A Johnston woman is having to rebuild a part of the bed and breakfast she owns, after heavy winds and rain led to a giant tree destroying part of her business. News Channel 6 was in Edgefield County just a few hours after it happened and saw neighbors and the community rushing to help.

Strong winds and heavy rain have caused a lot of problems across South Carolina.

“By far the most structural damage I saw today,” said Marion Bledsoe, a resident of Johnston, South Carolina.

Here in Edgefield County on US Highway 25 this sign behind me is warning drivers of flooding that could occur on this road.

The highway is surrounded by flooded farmlands and water steadily draining. News Channel 6 continued down Highway 25 where we came across Isabella’s Bed and Breakfast.

Isabella's Bed & Breakfast

“Between 2 and 2:30 this morning my whole house shook it woke me up and I jumped up and come out and a tree was in my house.” Jessie Chavies, owner of Isabella’s Bed and Breakfast.

Now the owner of Isabella’s is left dealing with a mess from the storm. The old tree that used to stand in front of her business fell right into the living room and took out the entire wall.

“Well it could have been a lot worse. At least, it just took off that balcony and that side of the house, the wall. It could have took out the whole house.” Chavis told News Channel 6.

Chavis says she was the only one home and luckily on the other side of the house when the tree fell. Still in shock , she immediately picked up the phone and called a family friend for help.

“He came to cut my water off for me because water was gushing in the house from my hot water pipes and stuff so he got that cut off. It was so dark you really couldn’t see much that was going on. So when it got daylight I could see what had happened,” Chavis said.

Neighbors and even people just driving by stopped to offer a hand.

“We came in early and noticed that the tree had fallen down. We were working in the area and I went and got the rest of my members of my family and we came back to help the lady.” Bledsoe told News Channel 6.

For now plywood and a tarp will cover up the missing wall and keep out the next round of showers that will hit the state.


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