Deadly Flash Floods in South Carolina Leave Thousands in the Dark

SC Roads Closed Due to Flooding


South Carolina is in the middle of a once in a lifetime storm.
Residents are urged to stay off the roads as flash floods have already have claimed least five lives.
ABC’s Lana Zak has more.

Scenes like these ravaging south carolina this morning…
Joe Mergo, “This is an uprecidented event.”
Grown men in water up to their necks
These floods at rooftop level. Some residents losing everything.
“Everything I’ve worked for. It’s all gone.”
As residents hope the floods stay away from them.
“The water is getting closer and closer.”
After government-imposed curfews, residents in 8 different counties are waking up to scenes of destruction today.
South Carolina Highway Nikki Haley, ”
“We haven’t seen this level of rain in the low county in 1000
years. That’s how big this is.”
Officials warning residents the flash floods are expectecd to continue and
may come on suddenly.
Sheriff Jay Coon, “Just becasue the rain stops does not mean the rain is
This road, one of many collapsing under the strain.
Even some rescue workers in need of rescue.
General Robert E. Livingston, “We had a mother and her child stranded and a rescue worker tried to get to them, he got stranded so we used an air rescue”.
“We used an air rescue to rescue all of them and then started picking some people off rooftops.”
Several deaths caused by the rushing water-this resident getting out just in time.
“I was scared we couldn’t get the car out. I started on foot. I thought we were gonna die.”
Lana Zak, “Massive waves and strong winds up and down the east coast”
Lana Zak, “ABC News, Washington.”


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