Evacuations Ordered After Upper Rockyford Creek Dam Breach

Photo of the Upper Rockyford Creek Dam. (Credit: Google Streetview)

Foreest Acres, SC – The residents of Forest Acres on Overcreek Road, near Columbia, have been ordered to evacuate after the upper Rockyford Creek Dam has broken.

The dam goes into Rockyford Lake and officials are currently implementing mandatory evacuations.

This system is part of the Gills Creek Watershed. Rockyford Creek dumps into Lake Forest, which dumps into Lake Katharine. Hence, the reason for the evacuations. This area runs near I-77 north, parallel to the western side of Fort Jackson. For an interactive tool regarding this Watershed click here.

Below is a tweet sent out by the South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) concerning the dam breach:

Some are concerned about a possible breach of the Lake Murray Dam, but SCEMD officials say there is now reason to worry:

There is a lower dam on Rockyford Creek that has not been breached yet.

Click here for a graphic representation of the Rockyford Creek watershed:


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