Local Church To Count On ‘Higher Power’ After Flooding

BATEBURG, S.C.- We spent the morning talking to people here in Aiken County about what they’re seeing and experiencing after the storm.

Right now we’re on Cumbee Trail Road which is closed to traffic today — you can see why, as part of this road has washed away. In other parts of the county, the rain brought more than traffic to a stop.

James Martin, head supervisor of New Holland Mennonite Church says, “We’ll let Mother Nature and God do it’s work, and just let the water disappear.”

James Martin says he’ll count on a higher power to get things back up and running at New Holland Memorial Church.

But here it looks like God already did his work. Heavy rainfall and dangerous winds hit parts of Aiken County hard — flooding not just roads, but this church parking lot as well.

The water here is 3 or 4 inches deep. You can see it is up To my ankles. People here say the damage won’t be long lasting, but it was enough to cancel church I Sunday.

“Some worshiped at their homes, some of us to went different churches.”

Class is in session here at the church school, on a day when most nearby public schools are closed. James Martin just says he’s glad the damage wasn’t any worse.

Things have been cleared up, the school families live closer, and we decided it was indeed safe for everyone to travel here..

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