Local Organizations Step Up to Help Those Affected by SC Floods

Bottled Water Collection at the Aiken County Sheriff's Office

Augusta, GA/Aiken, SC- Thousands without power and running water has local organizations in the CSRA helping out those affected by the floods in South Carolina.

American Red Cross volunteers in Augusta are ready to head to South Carolina if needed. Multiple shelters have been opened to help those that are displaced. Organizations are gathering bottled water to send up to victims.

More than 200 people, affected by the floods, stayed in American Red Cross Shelters on Sunday night in South Carolina.

The organization believes that number will grow as damage is assessed and the aftermath of the event comes to the forefront.

“It is a very dire situation,” said Jana Hill.

Hill with the Augusta Chapter of the American Red Cross said local volunteers on ready on standby for any extra help that needs to be brought into the Palmetto State.

“We are waiting to see what kind of help they are going to need, so our primary concern right now is getting monetary donations and contributions, that enables us to be able to help everybody in the way that they most need it,” said Hill.

Through the Red Cross’s Emergency App, anyone can see how many shelters are set-up, where they are located, and donate to the relief efforts.  So far around 30 shelters have been opened since the flooding began.

It’s been a group effort to help those affected by the floods in South Carolina; organizations across the CSRA are collecting bottled water to help those victims. At the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office, they’ve collected almost 5,000 cases of water in just 8 hours on Monday.

“We are so very grateful to the citizens of this community as well as over in Augusta. The response to this is just overwhelming,” said Captain Eric Abdullah with the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office.

Members of the sheriff’s office began collecting water Monday morning to help relieve the citizens and response workers.

“Some areas are under a boil water advisory and some just don’t have any type of utility services whatsoever to include running water,” said Abdullah.

The department coordinated with the Richland and Lexington County Sheriff’s Offices to deliver pallets of water and get them distributed to those in need, something they will continue to do until the job is done.

“It truly shows that everybody is here to serve one another and to lookout for one another, that is truly remarkable, and a true blessing,” said Abdullah.

Water donations are being taken at the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office all week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you would like to make a donation to Red Cross you can go their website RedCross.org or text 1-800-redcross.




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