Rising Stevens Creek Concerns Residents

Photo of flooding in Edgefield County.
Photo of flooding in Edgefield County.

Edgefield County, SC – Jean Brack has lived on Stevens Creek for more than 30 years, but now she’s a lot closer to it than she was on Sunday.

“Last night, it started rising and it’s continually rising. We are getting a little worried, right now, because of the rising of it,” said Brack.

The creek’s normal level is 4 feet. It is now at 30 feet, which is 11 feet above flood stage. It’s no longer a lazy stream, it’s now a limb carrying, torrent bringing, trouble downstream.

“South Carolina got such a huge amount of rain over the weekend. All that water is going somewhere, like I said, it hasn’t reached up yet. This river is going to get pretty crazy over the next couple of days,” said Tonya Bonitatibus, the Savannah Riverkeeper, who was out looking at the creek.

That has Carole Kulp keeping a close eye on what’s going on in her backyard. She’s seen Stevens Creek higher, but this event is not over yet. The peak is expected sometime overnight. “It’s already probably come up a good foot since we looked at it, earlier this morning, so we’re watching,” she said.

For those living along Steven Creek, flooding is a big concern, but it’s not the only worry. As the flood water pushes closer to their property, it also pushes the critters out that normally live along the creek.

“Really be mindful of the snakes, everybody. They’re going to move because they usually live along the riverbanks. That’s flooded now, so really keep an eye out, be careful when you flip something over, that you don’t have somebody hiding out,” said Bonitatibus.

Stevens Creek empties into the Savannah River and Bonitatibus warns that the Savannah River will be rising and that could cause Augusta’s creeks to back up and flood, so even if the rains are over, the flood threat is not.

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