Quick Cooking w/Karin Calloway: Pancetta, Potato and Gruyere Quiche

Quick Cooking Karin Calloway
Quick Cooking Karin Calloway

I’m a big fan of quiche because of its versatility. It’s perfect for just about any meal from brunch to lunch to dinner-and you can add almost any ingredients you like to make it your own. This week’s quiche is heartier than most, with a robust filling of pancetta, potato and gruyere cheese. I’ve begun the recipe by sauteeing some pancetta in a little olive until it’s just beginning to brown.

Now add some defrosted Southern-style hash brown potatoes to the pancetta along with some fresh rosemary and garlic. Season with salt and pepper and then cook, stirring, until the potatoes begin to become golden brown.

Using the frozen diced hash browns really saves time in the recipe, as does using a store-bought frozen deep dish pie crust. While I like to use gruyere cheese in the recipe, which doesn’t come pre-shredded, you can save some time by substituting pre-shredded Swiss cheese in its place. You’ll need 1 cup of shredded cheese.

For the custard, whisk up some eggs and then add some half and half, salt, pepper, dry mustard and a pinch of nutmeg. I’ve layered half of the potato mixture in the bottom of the crust, now sprinkle with half of the cheese. Add the remaining potato mixture and then pour the custard over the top. Sprinkle with the remaining cheese and then sprinkle with some chopped green onion.

Serve this deliciously different quiche at your next brunch, luncheon or light supper and pack up leftovers to reheat in the microwave at the office. A tossed green salad or fruit salad can round out your menu.

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