Preliminary Plans Unveiled For James Brown Statue

(Augusta,GA) Augusta put up a statue for James Brown but for some Augusta leaders say that’s not enough for the Godfather of Soul.

“This man’s an icon, this man is known all over the world do you know how many cities would love to have James brown in their cities to say what we’re trying to do now,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

What the city’s Economic Development Subcommittee wants to do is enhance the area around the statue and has approved the preliminary plan

It calls for new landscaping to better show off the statue.

New concert like lighting to make it appear the hardest working man in show business is on stage.

And new brick and concrete work with inscriptions of Brown’s career achievements.

“We would put these into the hard-scape as you walk through the plaza you would see the names of his songs you would see the awards he’s been given Kennedy center honors the American Music awards different Grammys with the associated years,” says Gary Warner a Landscape Architect and consultant on the project.

These plans of course will cost money, the budget is 100 thousand dollars give or take.

“We’re going to design in such a way where we can include or subtract elements if we had to be a little more cost effective this is the initial step to a long term planning for the James Brown statue,” says Augusta Traffic Engineer Steve Cassell.

“Funding source,” we asked.

Funding source has not been decided right now,” added Cassell.

But Commissioner Marion Williams does not want that detail to get in the way of these plans for the statue even though he knows some will call it a waste of money

“You’re going to have those nay sayers you’re going to have those haters those haters motivate me that’s why I stay on the job because I got somebody who says it aint going to work,” says Williams.

The plan is to do the work is phases starting with the landscaping; a lot of talk is about cutting down the big oaks there to bring in more light to the statue.

The lighting and brick work will follow as long as the Augusta commission gives the final go-ahead.

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