Former Burnettown Police Chief Responds After Town Releases Statement On His Firing

Photo of the sign that hangs in the town of Burnettown, South Carolina.
Photo of the sign that hangs in the town of Burnettown, South Carolina.

***UPDATED at 10:31 A.M. on Thursday, October 15th***

Burnettown, SC – David Smith, who was fired from his job as the chief of the Burnettown Police Department last week tells WJBF News Channel 6 town leaders got it wrong.

The city responded to David Smith’s allegations, stating that he was let go because he blew the whistle on several actions done by Mayor Jonathan Dicks he says were unethical, or misconduct in office.

Town leaders claim Smith offered money in exchange for not reporting the alleged wrongdoings.

Smith now tells WJBF that information is false because he actually made an official report to the Burnettown Town Council as he is required by law to do. Smith adds the mayor called the meeting and had already calculated his severance package.

***UPDATED at 4:32 P.M. on Thursday, October 13th***

Burnettown, SC – The Town of Burnnettown, in Aiken County, has sent WJBF News Channel 6 a statement in response to allegation that the town’s former police chief, Davis Smith, accused the town’s mayor and other government leaders of firing him because he threatened to blow the whistle on Mayor Jonathan Dicks and other members of the Town Council concerning misconduct in office.

In the statement we received:

“On October 2, 2015, Police Chief David Smith sent an email to the Mayor and Council of Burnettown, S.C., complaining of certain matters. The Mayor immediately called a meeting of Mayor Pro-Tem and the Chief of Police to discuss the email. During that meeting, Chief Smith told them that he could not continue working for the Town under the current administration because of what he termed unlawful and unethical activities. He offered to leave Town employment and not report any of the matters he believed were unlawful or unethical if Council would pay him six months severance pay and insurance.”

The statement further says:

“Chief Smith’s offer not to report what he believed was unlawful activity in exchange for a payment raised serious concerns, and the Mayor and Mayor Pro tem immediately placed him on administrative leave with pay. They concluded it could not work with a police chief who stated that, for a price, he would not report violations of the law and so, on October 9, 2015,they advised the Chief it was in the best interest of the Town that it sever its relationship with him.”

Read The Full Statement

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