Golden Apple: Vianne Prowse

Golden Apple Winner Vianne Prowse

Vianne Prowse has known that this 5th grade classroom would be her destination since she was in 7th grade.

“It has always been my desire, and I feel a real push to be a teacher,” she says. “So 14 years ago I entered the T.A.P. program, the alternative certification program, and began teaching.”
Before that, Ms. Prowse had a whole other life–serving our country.
“While I was in the service, I was an Arabic linguist, an interrogator. And I did some teaching in the service. Taught Arabic. And I thought I really need to be in the classroom where hopefully I can make a difference.”
She keeps her 5th graders engaged with her energy.
“I don’t ever sit down. I wear really comfortable shoes. You have to keep moving, because they can distract themselves quite easily.”
And don’t be surprised to find Ms. Prowse working hard with her students after hours and on weekends.
“A lot of the children just don’t have the support that they necessarily need at home. And we want to try to provide that support. Or it could just be, especially with some of the changes, ‘how do we do this new math?’ So we’re just trying to help out as much as we can.”
The payoff is pretty good too. Vianne Prowse gets to see and hear the success stories that happen after students leave her classroom.
“I still have students that will come back and say ‘Thank you so much. You were one of the best teachers I had.’ And that’s what keeps me going. I may not reach all of them, but if I’ve gotten through to a couple of them, then it’s been worth it.”

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