Storm Water Fee Plan For Beautification Doesn’t Look Good

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

(Augusta,GA) The money would help for a better looking Augusta keeping up the maintenance on six gateways corridors but for some commissioners it’s a plan that doesn’t look good at all because it calls for using 125 thousand dollars from the storm water fee to get it done.

When I say that I turned a couple of shades darker than I’m now because that is a ridiculous thing to do,” says Commissioner Bill Lockett.

Is this the right funding I don’t think it would be in the people’s eyes, says Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

“No storm water fee.”

“No storm water fee,” said the 8th District Commissioner.

“I don’t agree we should use storm water fee in the maintenance of the gateways at this point in time we have to ensure that we use these fees that we told the public they were for,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

But city engineers and administrators argued that it’s been well discussed that the storm water fee was to be used for maintenance, and grass cutting especially along roadways and medians, and some commissioners agree the city has not done a good job in that department.

When you look around we’ve let it go down for a while you know and I know you ride around major thoroughfares the weeds are up two or three feet enough is enough,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Grady Smith.

But commissioners want the city to look it’s best seems it’s not for the best to talk about using storm water fees with early voting for SPLOST going on right now.

It’s very unfortunate and extremely bad timing,” says Commissioner Lockett.

The Convention and Visitors bureau pointing out that since this gateway initiative got started the private sector has contributed a million dollars for beautification.

The engineering committee did not totally blow up the proposal members were Okay  with using T-SPLOST funds for gateway maintenance but tabled the issued until city administrators can find another source to replace the storm water fees.

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