Growth In Grovetown Brings A New Walmart And Spaces For Other Stores

GROVETOWN, Ga.- The growth in Grovetown has just begun compared to what officials say is on the way. In recent days the city has locked down ACE Hardware and another big box grocery store, Walmart.

The green area with trees and bushes drivers are used to passing on Wrightsboro Road in Grovetown will soon be home to a major development- Walmart coming down the street from the one in the Gateway.

Along with the big box grocery store, there will be a fuel station and several spaces for restaurants and retail stores.

Grovetown Walmart plans Grovetown’s Director of Planning and Development Frank Neal says, “It means a lot more opportunities locally to where you don’t have to travel outside the city limits anymore. More grocery stores, more pharmacies, more restaurants and gas stations. All of those tax dollars are staying here locally for those tax payers as well.”

Neal says Walmart and the other stores will bring more shopping options for residents.

“Anytime you have new commercial development, it is going to increase jobs where people locally don’t have to travel as far. Just the number of jobs it’s going to produce is going to be significant,” he says.

The city says it’s been working hard to lock these big name stores down.

“The grocery store was just approved this past Thursday and ACE Hardware was the previous Thursday. They both have been officially approved.” Neal adds.

Grovetown’s Director of Planning and Development Frank Neal
Grovetown’s Director of Planning and Development Frank Neal

The development with Walmart will be done in two phases according to Neal. Phase 1 will include the new grocery store and a fuel station while Phase 2 will have more of a mix-use of commercial restaurants and retail offices.

Making space for the new shopping center required clearing 25 acres of land.  It will also take over the corner shopping center.

Owners of the store and property said off camera they are happy about the second-area Walmart and have already found a new location in Thomson.

For the city this is bringing in big bucks. “We are talking multi-million investments that are being made into the community right now. I think it’s gong to be a major impact on our economy and it’s the type of development we like to come see in Grovetown,” Neal adds.

Grovetown city planners say they will start moving dirt in 30 to 60 days.

By 2017 the development is slated to be up and running with all the store fronts full.

Grovetown Walmart 2

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