Military & Government Leaders Stress Importance of Recruiting for Cyber Positions

GRU's Second Annual Cyber Education Summit

Augusta, GA- Georgia Regents University, now known as Augusta University, is hosting the Second Annual Cyber Education Summit this week. This gives military and government leaders an opportunity to talk about current cyber issues.

When thinking about cyber missions, many aren’t thinking about the people that will fill those jobs in the coming years. But that’s exactly the message these leaders spoke about on Wednesday, making sure there are people ready and trained to take over.

The faces of the future: it’s what many military and government leaders are making their focal point.

“What I can see is the growth and the demand for this capability is immense, I do know that, the threats from asymmetric forces, these are not traditional rivalries like Russia and China, although their major players in this, but anybody with a computer, who has the right training, can be a cyber warrior,” said Senator David Perdue.

Perdue said Fort Gordon is a leading center in the country and the cyber missions there leave a global footprint. He said the time to look for the talent that will fill jobs in the future is now.

“Once they’re educated and they go out and get these good jobs, we’ve got to keep them in our communities  and what does that mean, we’ve got to have the infrastructure that basically continues to keep them motivated and make this a positive equation for them here in the area,” said Perdue.

Robert Anderson Junior, who works with the Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch of the FBI, spoke to the audience about the importance of keeping these positions filled.

“Really hiring, training and retaining the best men and women that we can to work cyber violations, it’s a very technically challenging area and it changes all the time,” said Anderson.

Anderson said these jobs constantly evolve with the new threats the country faces on a daily basis. He said the FBI will launch a new focused campaign next year to attract younger people looking for a career in cyber.

“We want to partner with universities around the country and look at the talent that’s ready to graduate and matriculate out of those universities and potentially hire them into the FBI,” said Anderson.

The summit continues on Thursday with a full day of keynote speakers including representatives from national intelligence and panelists with local connections to Fort Gordon and GRU.





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