Two Aiken County Schools May Have A New Look Soon

Photo of remodeling plans for North Augusta High School

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C.- We are getting a glimpse into the future of two Aiken County Schools.

Architects submitted photos for their plans for remodeling North Augusta High School Tuesday, Oct. 14.

The plan would demolish 48,000 feet of the current school and replace it with 200,000 feet worth of a new cafeteria, media center and classrooms.

Plans for the new Leavelle-McCampbell Middle School were also unveiled Tuesday night.

The projects are being funding by a 5-year recurring account for school improvements as well as the Penny Sales Tax approved last year.

Board members will have a final say on how the improvements will be implemented and how much it will cost.

Click here for the B-3 Schematic Plans for the New Leavelle McCampbell Middle Project Summary

Click here for the B-4 Schematic Plans for the North Augusta High School Addition Phase 2A & 2B Project Summary

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