Wrightsboro Road Expansion Project In Final Phase

Augusta, Ga. – 25,000 vehicles come through Wrightsboro Road everyday.
The Georgia Department of Transportation says the project is in its final stages.
Drivers say they can’t wait.

Some drivers describe the traffic as crazy and hectic.The expansion project causing backups at some times going passed the Bobby Jones overpass, causing some to be late for work.

Deon Guillory asks, “Does is make you nervous those days you’ve almost been late?”
Carlissa Williams replied, “I wouldn’t really say nervous. Frustrated.”

There’s also confusion with people trying to make turns. They are going through the barrels to get on Augusta West Parkway.

A van got stuck in the right lane, forced to speed up to get in the left lane.
The same thing happened to a SUV and truck.
Ngary Ndiaye says the project has hit his business.

“Business is about accessibilty because it’s hard, very hard to go in and out of here,” Ndiaye

GDOT says the project is in its final stages.
The contractor is paving throughout the week.
The original end date was Summer 2015, but pushed back because of weather.
Drivers are ready.

“I can’t wait until they get done with the road and they put it all together and they start putting the light poles up. It’s gonna be one brand new street,” said Merrece Johnson.

GDOT says the paving should be done by the end of the week.
Work on sidewalks and turning on street lights is next, but shouldn’t impact traffic.



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