Augusta Still Needs To Find Funds For Beautification Program

Photo of green grass
Photo of green grass

Augusta, GA (WJBF) – Augusta tourism officials want to avoid a funding fight if it makes Augusta look bad.

As we reported earlier this week, Augusta Commissioners rejected a $250,000 beautification plan for six city gateways because half of the funding would come from the Storm Water Utility Fee.

The Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau would implement the program and officials say it’s important the city find the all the money needed for maintenance and landscaping.

“We have more beautified areas that are up. Right now, we have two or three more that are coming on line, so it’s just additional funding that was needed and we believe there is a public and private responsibility and we’re looking forward to the city’s participation,” says Barry White, of the Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The city has contributed to the beautified roadways by running irrigation lines, however the maintenance up to now has been covered by private donations.

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