“Out There…Somewhere”: So, What’s Up At Boshears Skyfest?

Photo of plane at Boshears Skyfest
Photo of plane at Boshears Skyfest

Augusta, GA (WJBF) – Pilot Bob Carlton is fired up about the Boshears Skyfest, which is a celebration of airplanes and flying. For Augusta aviation, this is like Woodstock.

“That’s a great way to put it, this is our 22nd second year of celebrating the air show,” said Becky Shealy, who is the spokesperson for Boshears Skyfest.

There will be cool planes at the air show and great pilots who have spent most of their lives as fans of aviation.

Probably, nobody flew higher than the late great Neil Armstrong. I mean, he ended every debate around the hanger, “oh yeah, you flew a jet. I walked on the Moon.” They know aviation, but would they know Neil if they saw him.

“Is that you?” asked Shealy, looking at an older picture of Armstrong on my phone. “No, it’s not me,” I answered. “I have no idea. Who is that?” asked Shealy. ‘If I say Neil Armstrong?” I asked. “Shut up,” said Shealy.

“Beats me,” said Ted Tidwell, who’s been on the Boshears show committee since the beginning. “This guy here, if I gave you his name…Neil Armstrong?” I asked Tidwell. “Well, that’s a very familiar name,” said Tidwell.

At Boshears Skyfest,  you will see some trick flying from the Alabama Boys precision flying, as well, and the guys behind the controls of these planes aren’t easily tricked when it comes to another famous fly-boy.

“Who’s this guy,” we asked pilot Greg Koontz, who is a 40-year veteran of air shows, who will entertain this weekend with the “Alabama Boys”. “Fellow that landed on the Moon, first guy to walk on the Moon. Neil Armstrong,” he said at first glance.

“Oh yeah, Neil Armstrong, you bet,” said Bob Gibbons, of “Team Aerodynamix”, which is a precision flying team back at Boshears.

“Do you know who this guy is?” I asked Bob Carlton. “That is Neil Armstrong,” he answered. “You guys all know,” I said to Carlton, who will be flying his yellow Subsonex Micro Jet at the air show.

They are up in the air, but when it comes to recognizing Neil Armstrong, their heads are not in the clouds…”Out There…Somewhere” at Boshears Skyfest.

Boshears Skyfest will be held Saturday and Sunday. For more information, click here.

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