Tenants in an Augusta Apartment Complex Complain of Growing Mold Making Them Sick

Several tenants in an Augusta apartment complex say they’re living in deplorable conditions, and nothing is being done about it.

Apple Cross Apartment complex is located off of Washington Road on Apple Cross Drive.

Mold, bugs and flooding are just a few of the many complaints these renters have.

In some apartments the mold is so bad the walls have started to cave in.

News Channel 6’s Margaret-Ann Carter spoke with several tenants who say since moving into Apple Cross they started experiencing health issues, but they have nowhere to go because they can’t afford to move anywhere else.

In Apple Cross Apartments black mold outlines bathtubs, ceilings and sinks like unwanted wallpaper.

In some apartments the growing mold has become so prevalent, walls have lost their structure and can easily be pushed in.
Tenant, Eboney Johnson says she constantly scrubs the mold with bleach and other cleaning products but nothing works.

“The name I call it is it’s not Applecross it’s the forgotten about plac3e you know they take people’s money and they forget about us at night when they’re sleeping with no roaches no mold,” she explained.

Mullins Management has been managing the property for 2 months and maintenance helper, Thomas Biggs says it’s going to take time to fix these problems.

“We can only do so much it’s going to take it’s like a process okay? Like I was telling you earlier we can’t do it in 10 days we can’t do it in 30 days we’re doing it unit by unit,” Biggs explained.

He says Mullins Management is aware of the mold problem and they have plans to fix it.

“We’ve been hearing about some mold issues and what I’m finding is a lot of the tenants are not running their air conditioners, because they’re trying to save on their power bills and that is creating a poor air quality in their apartments,” Biggs said.
Johnson says she can’t run her air because the smell of mold is coming through the vents.

“You actually have to move the people somewhere else and you have to break down the buildings and start over because it’s that bad and I don’t think that’s anything maintenance can do anything about,” Johnson explained.

She says she plans to withhold her rent until the problem is fixed, and she knows that could be a while.

Carter asked Johnson if she felt the complex was working on the problems, Johnson responded by saying, “Honestly no maybe the small stuff like maybe a patch up or whatever but the biggest problem is the bugs and the mold.”

We talked with Joe Mullins late Friday evening. He says his group recently acquired Applecross, as a distressed property. Mullins says major improvements are on the way but they must move people out first.

He also invited us to check in on the progress a couple of months down the road.

Count on WJBF to follow-up and show you how the property is refurbished.

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