Augusta Administrator Needs More Time To Finish Budget

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

(Augusta,GA) City Administrator Janice Jackson still has worked to do on next year’s budget.

“I’m sorry and I really would like to have it at this time it’s a reasonable expectation that it would be here it would be here,” says City Administrator Janice Jackson.

This month commissioners were expecting to see Jackson’s budget proposal instead they will hear her request for a delay.

Jackson says it’s been a busy year with the storm water fee, SPLOST, and FEMA appeals,

But she also says she’s not yet comfortable with how revenue projections for next year are shaping up…

“It looks like a typical year in terms of revenue growth but I really want to know that for myself so I want to take a little more time to look at those revenue estimates to make sure I’m comfortable with what’s here,” said Jackson.

Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle is chairman of the Finance Committee Jackson let him know Friday that the delay is needed.

“I’m not going to question the staff when they are trying to produce a balanced budget if I sit there and harp on them they would be more focused on what I’m saying instead of what they need to be doing,” said Guilfoyle.

Last year Mayor Hardie Davis didn’t think his budget added up and he requested two hundred thousand dollars more. .

But Davis is helping city budget writers requesting no increases for 2016.

“It’s not optimal but what we’re going to do is again submit the same budget request for 2016 that we operated under for these ten months again I think this is a demonstration that we want to be fiscally responsible,” said Davis.

Jackson is also trying to be fiscally responsible even if it means taking longer than normal to submit her budget proposal

“I know this community does not have an appetite for a tax increase so I will make every effort to avoid that,” said Jackson.

Jackson is looking at department requests for new employees and says if new positions are added she will look for cuts in other areas so there is no increase in the overall number of city workers I wanted to know when she would be ready to make her budget proposal and says she hopes commissioners allow her to wait until she’s ready saying that could be the middle of next month.

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