Family Turns Cancelled Wedding Into Feast For Homeless

Wedding Rings

SACRAMENTO, CA — Talk about making the best of a bad situation.

After a California couple called off their wedding, the bride-to-be’s family turned what would have been the reception into a feast for the homeless, according to ABC News.

The bride’s mother invited Sacramento’s homeless for a once in a lifetime meal at one of the city’s finest hotels.

Kari Duane said her 27-year-old daughter called to tell her she and her fiance had decided not go through with the wedding, so the family decided to share the nonrefundable event with the less fortunate.

About 90 homeless single people, grandparents and whole families with newborns showed up and enjoyed a meal that included appetizers, salad, gnocchi, salmon, and even tri-tip.

“I hope that when she looks back at this, she knows she was doing something good with a bad situation,” Duane said.


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