North Augusta City Council Delays Discussion on Project Jackson

North Augusta City Council is delaying discussions on Project Jackson.

During Monday night’s city council meeting Mayor Lark Jones motioned to table the discussion.

This was set to be the first time the city would publicly discuss the master development agreement for Project Jackson.

The multi-million dollar project was just one of the many items on the agenda, but it was still the most talked about, especially when a familiar face took the stand.

“I hope that when you are out and about in the community you can answer those questions as to why we’re giving $250,000 to a Hilton Hotel company,” Homeowner Steve Donohue said to council.

Steve Donahue has been a bump in the road to Project Jackson since 2013 when he filed a lawsuit against the city’s financial plan.

In June South Carolina Supreme Court voted in favor of North Augusta, but that’s not stopping Donahue.

“I don’t get it and I don’t think they guy on the street is going to get it that we’re handing over $250,000 to some subset of Hilton Hotels to build a $44 million hotel down there,” Donohue said.

At Monday night’s meeting he continued to voice his concerns for LLC’s mentioned in the agreement. As well as the order of stadium construction verse private development.

“Another thing that I find troubling at least if I were on city council, I noticed the expected delivery date is on the stadium is April 1st, 2017, and almost all of the other private development is delivered later,” Donohue explained.

City administrator Todd Glover acknowledges Donahue isn’t the only one with concerns.

“Certainly people on staff and even council we’ve certainly been concerned about how we handle traffic and noise and things of that nature to make sure that this is a quality project overall,” Glover said.

Glover says as of right now, the project is still set to open in Spring of 2016.

“So working your way back we’re kind of up against it right now we’ve still got some negotiations to do and if the private sector steps up and makes the commitments that we’ve been negotiating then i think we’re on track,” he explained.

Mayor Lark Jones says the city council will call a special meeting next week if necessary to discuss Project Jackson.

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