Commission Unable To Move On Hiring New Director

Augusta Commission meeting photo
Photo from an Augusta Commission meeting.

(Augusta,GA) Augusta Commissioners can’t fill a new city position.

Commissioners unable to approve a new Director for a combined Equal Employment Opportunity and Disadvantage Business Office, and A-D-A compliance.

Two candidates were nominated but after four votes neither one were able to get the needed six votes for approval.

Some commissioners grew frustrated and just walked out.

“It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen today,” said Commissioner Bill Fennoy who left has the voting continued.

“Did you kind of neglect your duties her   by walking out?”

“No voted twice three times, every time I voted,” said Fennoy.

The two finalists that have divided the commission are Carmen Alexander who was named by the city administrator to handle EEO complaints after the director was fired in March.

And Washington D.C. lawyer Amber Haggins.

Commissioners are expected to try again at their next meeting to agree on a new director.

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