Golden Apple: Monique Dawson

Golden Apple winner Monique Dawson of Greendale Elementary School

Monique Dawson has been teaching at this school, in this classroom for 28 years.

“I love my school,” Dawson says.  “It’s like a family. I couldn’t imagine teaching anywhere else. This building is a home. I can come in and it’s just like walking back in my door everyday.”

And that family was key in Mrs. Dawson’s fight against breast cancer.

“Every night I did not lay down on the bed, I levitated. I knew I had so much support, that my family here just prayed for me every night. ”

It worked. She’s finally getting a break from a battle that’s lasted nearly a decade.

“It’s 9 years cancer free in September, so every year is a blessing.”

Even after teaching for so long, Mrs. Dawson knows the real help with these students starts at home.

“Parents are the first teachers. They set the bar for us and if they’re here and we’re supporting and working as a team, it makes their education much easier.”

Mrs. Dawson has taught generations. Her success stories can be seen throughout New Ellenton and beyond.

“I have a former student that’s gonna be a doctor in December, graduating from GRU. I also have police officers, nurses, it’s very exciting to see them in the community.”

And even after 28 years, you can forget about any thoughts of retirement, at least for the time being.

For now, it’s back to teaching tomorrow’s community leaders.

“I cannot imagine another job any better than the job that I have here at Greendale,” she says.  “So I don’t know yet what I’m gonna do. But I don’t see me doing anything different. I love my job.”



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