House District 122 Candidate Pat Goodwin Talks Campaign

Pat Goodwin

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA — This week, we took a look at the campaign finance reports for the Georgia House District 122 candidates.

We weren’t able to get Pat Goodwin’s information because it wasn’t filed yet, so we spoke with her Friday.

Goodwin is a local businesswoman who has served on several government boards.

She says if elected, she wants to help bring more jobs to the area.

Goodwin has raised the least amount of money out of the four candidates with about $10,000.

“When I look at what is being spent and the fact that we are using other people’s money, people that worked hard for their money and they’re donating or contributing to our campaigns that gravely concerns me because I just think that sends a negative message about conservatism and what they’re doing,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin says voters should be concerned about the large amount of money that people are spending to win a position that only pays $17,000 a year.

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