Augusta Neighborhood Calls For Speed Bumps

Photo of Lucie Street, in the Shiloh neighborhood, in Augusta, Georgia.
Photo of Lucie Street, in the Shiloh neighborhood, in Augusta, Georgia.

Augusta, GA (WJBF) – Dozens of Augusta residents want to slow down traffic in their neighborhood.

Neighbors on Lucie Street, off of Windsor Spring Road in the Shiloh subdivision, are complaining about speeders and people running stop signs.

Tuesday, the residents will ask an Augusta Commission committee to consider putting in speed bumps. Neighbors say the speed bumps would protect the children in the area they want them placed.

“No one ever stops and there are kids out here, lots of kids, so you’re scared someone is going to hit them. They got the loud music on, they don’t even stop at the stop sign,” said D’Monica Minniefield, who lives on Lucie Street. “So, traffic is racing through?” we asked. “Yes sir,” she answered.

“And through here, they come down through here going 45 [miles per hour], 50 miles an hour and if a child is in the middle of the street, there’s no way they could get out of the way soon enough. So, we’re really concerned about the kids in the neighborhood, more than anything else,” said Vivian Reese, who also lives on Lucie Street.

A petition with more than 50 signatures in favor of the speed bumps will be presented to the Augusta Commission Engineering Committee. If Commissioners approve the speed bumps for the neighborhood, they would be the first ones on an Augusta street since 2007. That’s when speed humps were removed from a street in the Montclair subdivision.


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