GRU Doctor introduces new liver cancer treatment extending patient lives

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A new cutting-edge cancer procedure is helping extend the lives of people with terminal liver cancer. and it’s right here in Augusta.

Unlike the usual chemotherapy which attacks everything in its path, radio-embolization targets only the affected area in the liver.

Wesley Kennedy was diagnosed back in 2013 and given only a year to live. But this treatment has stopped all growth of cancer in his liver since he started treatment back in May.

“This treatment, what it does, it adds the radiation, really high doses of radiation, which can prescribe and get inside the liver itself,” Dr. Eran Rotem tells us. “The doses are so high that we can see really good results in the treatment on the tumors themselves.”

Dr. Rotem says the treatment has a 20-to-30% success rate of shrinking the liver cancer until it disappears.

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