Your Hometown Stories

Augusta's Haunted Pillar

There are many historic places here in Augusta and a few are haunted, but none have the tale like the Haunted Pillar in downtown Augusta.

This pillar is all that remains of a farmer’s market that once stood at Fifth and broad street in downtown Augusta. The market stood from 1830 until February 7, 1878, when it was destroyed in a tornado. According to local legend an attempt to move, destroy the pillar, or even touch it will result in death.

According to one story, a preacher who was denied the right to preach there, “… threatened that a great wind would destroy the place except for one pillar and that whoever tried to remove this remaining pillar would be struck dead,”

A little while later a freak tornado raced through downtown Augusta destroying the market and the only thing left standing was the pillar.

But the curse wasn’t through. The story continued that if anyone tried to move the pillar, they would die immediately, or at least very soon. Accounts up until the late 1950s tell of unfortunate Augusta highway workers who were struck by thunderbolts or crushed by their machinery when they tried to move the pillar.

And the pillar’s power has only grown with time. Some accounts now say that the pillar will kill anyone who even touches it.

The old pillar is made of cement-covered brick and it stands alone on the downtown street corner. Its historical plaque refers to it as a less-terrifying “haunted” pillar, and reduces the hellfire curse to a passive prediction.

So as your taking a stroll through downtown Augusta and you come to the corner of fifth and broad street, be careful not to touch the haunted pillar, it’s curse may not yet be over.

For your hometown stories, I’m John Lynn, WJBF News Channel 6.

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