Augusta Voters Have Their Say On SPLOST

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Robert Johnson didn’t care if it was rainy, SPLOST was back on the ballot and he wasn’t going to let this referendum slide without voting in favor.

“Why was I for it the money is going to be put to good use as long as it was going to be put to good use I’m going to vote for it, said Johnson.

Johnson was voting at Trinity CME church last year the SPLOST was defeated here by two votes, and more than a year later voters here are still divided.

“I’m against it because they hadn’t decided what they’re going to do with the other package therefore no,” said Ray Lawson.

For voters this year it is a different SPLOST on the ballot and that is making a difference.

“I support it because again it’s for the infrastructures for the city of Augusta it’s much better defined then it was last time,” said Dennis Killips.

But for some voters a change in the project list did not change their mind about saying yes.

“No I did not,” said Amy Parris.

How come?”

I just didn’t think it was the right way to go this time,” said Amy Parris.

“Some voters did say yes, but not because they have a lot of faith in city leaders.

“If it goes to the Augusta commission I should have voted no, said Anita Funsch.

“But I didn’t I don’t trust them,” she added

But other voters had little worries when it came to supporting this SPLOST.

“A lot of people say the money is being wasted it’s not going to where it belongs what about those arguments?”

“I don’t think so we’ve got the people in place we need to listen to them,” said Irma Green.

Last year when SPLOST was defeated 30 percent of city voters turned out for this referendum elections officials were predicting maybe 15 percent would cast ballots and that was predicted before the rain, commission I talked today were optimistic SPLOST would pass though some did express some concerns due to the fact that the storm water fee was approved before this vote was taken.

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