Cosmic Driving Range comes to Augusta

Many people would play golf day and night if they had the chance. Thursday night in Augusta, that idea became a reality.

The Cosmic Driving Range ended its tour across the U.S. at the First Tee of Augusta.

The idea is essentially a real-life arcade-style driving range — at night. Golfers hit glow-in-the-dark golf balls at lit up targets that flash and make noises when they strike them.

Cosmic Driving Range founder Robert Peterson noted the success Top Golf has had in large cities like Atlanta but believes his concept is a more affordable alternative that can help current golf courses increase revenue.

“Top Golf has proven that people want to play games,” Peterson said. “They want driving ranges to turn into bowling alleys.”

“We’re coming from the mobile side of it. That the 17,00 golf courses in the world are in the US — and don’t have a piece of that. They have driving ranges, and they want ways to be able to bring people in and entertain them.”

This is just the first year for Peterson and his driving range but he plans to build on the concept and eventually team up with golf courses to build permanent Cosmic Driving Ranges.


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