VIDEO: Passenger Throws Cat out of Car in Grovetown

COLUMBIA COUNTY — The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a woman who is seen in a video where the passenger in her car threw a cat out of a car.

“It’s rare that we see this kind of thing, especially on video,” Captain Andy Shedd said.

Columbia County investigators want to know who the woman and the passenger are.

The video was taken by a surveillance camera at Dogwood Park Animal Clinic in Grovetown.

It shows the passenger side door open and a person throwing out an orange blanket into the parking lot.

“Then, a short while later in the video, you see a cat kind of stagger away from the blanket and then it falls over and collapses,” Shedd said.

Next, the woman gets out of the car and stands over the cat’s body.

When you look closely at the video you can see what appears to be concern for the animal, the woman evening putting her hands on her head.

After that, she gets back in the car and drives off the property.

“The way that the cat was thrown, as well as some other extenuating circumstances, we’re looking into this case as a possible cruelty to animals case,” Shedd said.

Staff members did not want to talk on-camera, but they told us that when they arrived the next morning, they found the body of the cat on the front porch of the clinic.

Investigators are still working some leads on this case, but right now, all they have is that this woman was driving a silver Mercedes Benz.

Again, the sheriff’s office needs your help.

“In the video, the tag was not very clear to us, so we’re still working on that angle, on trying to identify who this person was, and specifically, what happened to the cat. We want to know the story leading up to what lead them to the Dogwood Park Animal Clinic,” Shedd said.

The staff at Dogwood Animal Clinic says the cat had a lot of fleas, so they aren’t sure if the cat was sick or if it was wild before it was thrown out of the car.

Either way, the person responsible for this is facing up to 1 year in jail and fines.

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