Commissioners Debate Raises For Workers

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

(AUGUSTA,GA) These city workers were putting up Christmas Decorations on Broad Street talk of a pay raise next year put them in good cheer.

That would be awesome I think we all deserve a raise we all do our jobs we do it to the best of our abilities I think that would be great.

What’s being proposed for city workers a two percent across the board raise but some commissioners would rather see workers making below 50 thousand dollars a year get a 500 dollar bonus, because a two percent raise means more to higher paid workers than lower paid ones.

“It takes the person making thirty thousand dollars right now is only getting four hundred dollars a year you look at somebody making 100-thousand getting two grand,” says Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

But other commissioners don’t want to pick and choose who gets a two percent raise and who gets the bonus,

“It messes your salary structure you have possibly somebody on a lower grade making more than a supervisor makes,” says Commissioner Bill Lockett.

On the street these city workers felt the best pay raise package was the two percent increase and not the 500 dollar bonus.

“In the long run I think the two percent would be a whole lot better, said E.C. Burns,

That’s what you want?

“Yes sir,” he said.

“I would rather have the two percent I would personally I mean because we also have benefits and things that come out of our check two percent would help us with that,” said Eubanks.

The two percent raise kicking in in April would cost the budget one point eight million dollars Commissioner Guilfoyle who chairs the finance committee says his proposal of the 500 dollar bonus would save money because of the top heavy city government, commissioners are expected to hash this out at a work session on Thursday.

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