Homeland Security Awards Grant To Richmond County Bomb Squad

AUGUSTA, Ga. — The Richmond County Bomb Squad and K9 Explosive Squads were awarded a grant from Homeland Security to maintain and upgrade equipment for the coming year.

The Augusta commission voted to accept the grants — $160,000 for the bomb squad and $6,000 for the K9 unit, on Tuesday. The money is awarded to the state every year by Homeland Security before being divided up and distributed to different departments by GEMA.

“It keeps us up to speed so the money doesn’t have to come out of the county’s budget,” said Cpl Bruce Williams with the Explosive Squad.

Recent terror events only emphasize the need for the latest, state-of-the-art technology, said Williams.

“With everything that’s been going on, [our needs] change every day,” he said. “I could go and buy the newest robot right now, and come tomorrow, there’s going to be something we wish that it did that it doesn’t do.”

This year, the explosives squad is looking at potentially getting a new truck with the funding.

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