Businesses Popping up Near Homes as Columbia County Continues to Grow

Columbia County, GA (WJBF) – Debate over what to do with a prime piece of property in Columbia County. Homeowners are concerned about the woods next to the entrance gate to the Westlake subdivision on Fury’s Ferry Road in Martinez.

Developers have big plans, but those who live there say not in our backyard.

Tonight was the first public hearing where residents were able to come and share their concerns, but some of them feel like the decision was already made before they even spoke.

During Thursday’s Planning commission meeting Developers announced their plans to put a Savannah River Dermatology building along with 2 other buildings off Fury’s Ferry.

Residents say they don’t have a problem with the businesses going up, their concern is the quality of life going down.

“We spend a lot of money and those houses are very expensive most of those houses are 1.5 million dollars plus and we will lose the integrity of the quiet neighborhood,” homeowner, Surinder git Singh said.

Surinder git Singh has lived in WestLake for 30 years. The back of his home borders the proposed project.

“We are worried about the lights, we are worried about the quiet zone, we are worried about the disturbance, worried about the security,” Singh expressed.

Singh says he’s all for the project but he wants a larger buffer zone between his home and the business.

The planning commission approved a 30 foot buffer zone, but Singh and others want 50 feet.

He says he feels like the commission board didn’t care about his concerns.

“You don’t have any jurisdiction outside of Westlake so you better keep your mouth shut, in other words, that’s what he meant, but he’s sitting in the commission so he has any all the rights to be like that for right now,” Singh explained.

The Planning commission members approved this motion for rezoning along with the 30 foot buffer.

The Board of Commissioners will meet December 1st to discuss this further.

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