Early Voting for Columbia County Run-Off Elections

Columbia County, GA – Early voting continues for the run-off election for two separate races in Columbia County.

Mack Taylor and Jodi Lott are going head to head, vying to be the next Georgia House District 122 representative. Gary Richardson and Greg Grzybowski are in the run-off for the county’s District 3 commission seat.

Registered voters can cast ballots ahead of the December 1st run-off election. Early voting runs through November 25th at the Columbia County Board of Elections Office only, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Voters can send in absentee ballots during this time, as well. If you were registered for the November 3rd Special Election, you are eligible to cast a ballot this time around.

On Election Day (12/01/2015), voters can cast ballots between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. at the following precincts:

  • 015~Lewis Methodist Church
  • 016~Woodlawn Baptist Church (HD 122 only)
  • 017~Patriots Park
  • 050~Second Mount Carmel Baptist Church (CC District 3 only)
  • 051~Damascus Baptist Church (CC District 3 only)
  • 060~Columbia County Board of Education
  • 061~Greenbrier High School
  • 062~Redeemer Presbyterian Church
  • 063~Riverside Elementary School
  • 064~Grace Baptist Church
  • 065~Christ’s Sanctified Holy Church
  • 105~Stevens Creek Elementary School (HD 122 only)
  • 107~Gospel Water Branch Church (HD 122 only)
  • 111~Lakeside Middle School (HD 122 only)
  • 120~Gold Cross EMS (HD 122 only)
  • 130~West Acres Baptist Church
  • 131~Journey Community Church (HD 122 only)
  • 132~Wesley Methodist Church (HD 122 only)
  • 134~Columbia County Main Library(HD 122 only)
  • 135~Christ Church, Presbyterian (HD 122 only)
  • 136~Blue Ridge Elementary School (HD 122 only)
  • 137~Christ the King Lutheran Church (HD 122 only)

Count on WJBF News Channel 6 to bring you the results from both the GA House District 122 and Columbia County Commission District 3 run-off elections on December 1st.


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