House 122 Race Calming Down, Issues at Forefront

Signs of Jodi Lott and Mack Taylor.

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA — The Georgia House District 122 race seems to be calming down now that two candidates are in a runoff.

For the special election, Jodi Lott came in first with 41% of the votes and Mack Taylor came in second with 30%.

Both candidates are now focusing on the issues in the state.

They also want to make it clear to the people of District 122 that if you’re registered to vote and you didn’t vote in the special election, you can still vote in the runoff.

Early voting is underway and the staff at the Board of Elections says numbers are above average.

Lott and Taylor seem to going back to the basics.

“It has calmed down a little bit. The media attention has died down some, so that’s good,” Lott said.

“We had a lot of distractions in this race leading up to this point. Those distractions are gone now, hopefully. And we are all allowed to focus on the message,” Taylor said.

From the start, Lott’s message has been about the high cost of healthcare.

Taylor has been talking about religious freedom for the state.

Both candidates say they are in support of some sort of fair tax.

“The fair tax is a consumption based tax and it’s important that we get to that and stop taxing people for what they achieve,” Lott said.

“I do support consumption based taxes on goods, not services,” Taylor said.

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, both candidates are also focusing on public safety and immigration issues in the peach state.

“Georgia State Patrol has not had a raise in 8 years. We’re losing state patrol officers right now. These are our front line fighters,” Taylor said.

“I’m very thankful that the governor has taken a stand to make sure that we protect our citizens first,” Lott said.

Some say that Lott has this one in the bag, but she says she’s hard at work because when Taylor ran for the District 3 county seat, he came in second in the election, but ended up winning in the runoff.

“So often, if you have a significant lead in that first election, then people think maybe they don’t need to show up, but we need every single voter,” Lott said.

Early voting continues through Wednesday, the 25th.

The runoff election will be on Tuesday, December 1st.

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