Travel Budget To Increase For Commissioners Next Year

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

(AUGUSTA,GA)  City travel was hotly debated but some commission felt it was a discussion not worth having.

“We’re sitting here we spent 45 minutes on the commission and mayor’s needs we have an over 700 million dollar budget we need to be focused on the services the needs of the people,” says Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

But a majority of commissioners decided what was needed was an increase in the travel budget, to 50 thousand dollars up from 26 thousand to cover all ten commissioners and the mayor.

The mayor gets ten thousand dollars for travel next year the commission will split the remaining 40 grand ten ways

“It’s not just a vacation it sounds good because it’s in a nice place but you’re going there to work and represent members of your community,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Frequent traveler Bill Lockett serves on a lot of boards and doesn’t support equally dividing the travel budget.

“Being a board member with the Georgia Municipal Association I’m required to do extra travel am I going to be restricted to the same as my colleagues that don’t ever go anywhere,” said Commissioner Lockett.

The Mayor also serves on numerous boards and does a lot of travel and now he knows for next year he’ll have a ten thousand dollar budget to get up and go.

“I’m very appreciative we’re having these types of conversations right now it takes us forward as a governing body and I’m pleased with that,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

“The travel budget should have been left alone and divided by ten everybody has to live within their means no different than this government has to live within its means,” said Commissioner Guilfoyle.


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